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How to Keep Your Sanity and Your Weight Down During The Holidays



Zuleika Tomlinson


Zuleika Tomlinson is a single mom of three children and one cat. She began living a holistic lifestyle in 2006. She was divinely led to this path after suffering from chronic and often debilitating illness. Zuleika is a Certified Raw Foods Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Health Coach. She is a health crusader passionate about being with you on your health journey to inspire, motivate, and support you back to balance and wholeness.


Nicole Drengberg

Nicole Drengberg is a Certified Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family. She is a wife and mother of two crazy fun boys, 4 dogs, and a gaggle of chickens. Nicole loves to garden, read, dance, and sing loudly. She is passionate about not only helping to inspire but making others feel good along the way. 


Live With Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance

Zuleika and Nicole educate the community by taking health and wellness topics and breaking them down into simple and easy to apply methods.  They believe self care, work-life balance, and fun are essential to a happy life.