SRT/MSA Biofeedback



You all get checkups, blood work, mammograms, x-rays, etc. to maintain your health. However, you are bombarded daily by hidden toxins that often go undetected. Ordinarily we are encouraged to turn to over the counter or pharmaceuticals to remedy the effects of theses toxins. These options may alleviate your symptoms but does not address the root cause. Often this becomes a frustrating vicious cycle.

Imagine if you could discover and eliminate such hidden toxins using a safe, easy, effective method, what would you do? Here is another option

Our clients have found by utilizing the 7-week stress reduction therapy they sleep better, they feel better emotionally, and they significantly reduced their sensitivities. They found the results shocking that this simple protocol had such profound results in their everyday life. 

Early detection of what is stressing you saves you a lot of money.


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