"I was fortunate to experience the friendly, knowledgeable, tag-team efforts of Nicole & Zuleika & their healthy food options classes while they visited us in northern Michigan recently. 

Although many of the healthy concepts were ones I was familiar with, it was a treat to listen about & taste the variety of flavors that enhanced foods I would prepare differently. One favorite was a recipe that included the tang of some orange essential oil! 

I would recommend this duo for any health-related-endeavor that incorporated principles of mindfulness, yoga, healthy eating alternatives, & more. They are fun, inspiring, a great complement to each other, & genuinely interested in helping you better your life."

-Jenn Ryan, RYT200


My personal experience with Zulieka and Nicole at the High Vibe Life has been awesome, and I am so thankful I signed up for their Healthy Can Be Tasty Classes.  

They convinced me it is so true!!  Having had some restricted diets in my immediate family due to medical issues such as IBS and Autoimmune Disease, I knew I needed to find some tasty food to feed my family and they were the answer.  I am a visual learner so having Zulieka & Nicole show me how to make delicious recipes was ideal -- And it was fun besides because their personalities are so energetic and engaging. I also took advantage of the Bio-Scan that they offer and found that to be both interesting and helpful in directing me to what foods my body is needing.

I look forward too many more experiences with the High Vibe Life. 

Lisa R